Axie Infinity Token Surges to All-Time High of $13.83

– Axie Infinity (AXS) has hit a high of $13.83 today, making it the top gainer of the day.
– The increase in the value is due to increased gaming activity on the Axie Infinity blockchain.
– The token has traded below $12 since mid-September and dropped to as low as $6 towards the end of 2022.

Today, the cryptocurrency market has seen a significant uptick in the value of the Axie Infinity token, with the price hitting a high of $13.83. This marks the first time since mid-September that the token has traded above $12, and the highest price it has seen since the start of 2023.

The token was trading at $12.86 at the time of writing, after a slight pullback from its four-month high. This increase in value has been largely attributed to the increased gaming activity on the Axie Infinity blockchain, which is a blockchain-based battling game owned and operated by players around the world.

Inspired by such games as Tamagotchi and Pokémon, the Axie Infinity ecosystem allows players to collect, breed, raise, battle, and trade token-based creatures. This has proven to be a popular activity among gamers and has been seen as a driving force behind the token’s recent bullish price action.

The value of the token had dropped to as low as $6 towards the end of 2022, and the increase today makes it one of the biggest gainers in the market. Analysts have predicted that if the gaming activity continues, the token could continue to see a steady increase in its value.

The Axie Infinity token has been a popular choice among investors since its launch in October 2020. It has seen a steady increase in its value since then and has been thriving in the current market conditions.

It remains to be seen whether the token can maintain its current price levels or if the current rally is just a short-term surge. However, given the gaming activity and the potential for further growth, the Axie Infinity token could continue to see a steady increase in its value in the coming days.

FTX Approved to Sell Assets; 117 Parties Interested in Buying

– The judge in charge of overseeing FTX bankruptcy proceedings has given FTX approval to sell some assets.
– The assets in consideration include LedgerX among other assets, which will help FTX repay its creditors.
– 117 parties have expressed interest in buying the FTX assets, and Perella Bank has been tasked with overseeing the sale process.

FTX, a derivatives platform, has been given the go-ahead to sell some of its assets in order to help repay its creditors. The assets that have been approved for sale include LedgerX and other regional arms such as FTX Europe and FTX Japan, as well as the stock clearing platform Embed. With the approval of the Delaware Bankruptcy Court Judge John Dorsey, 117 interested parties can now access information regarding the assets in order to conduct their due diligence before making a decision to purchase.

Perella Bank has been tasked with overseeing the sale process, as they will represent FTX and its assets. FTX Europe has had their license suspended in the meantime, while FTX Japan is subject to certain requirements before they can be sold. The move to sell the assets was made in December 2022, and it is hoped that the proceeds of the sale will help FTX to repay its creditors.

Once the due diligence process has been completed, interested parties will then be allowed to submit their bids for the assets. The bids will then be evaluated to determine the winners. It is expected that the process of selling the assets will be completed in the coming months, allowing FTX to receive the proceeds from the sale and help them to repay their creditors.

It remains to be seen if the sale of the assets will provide the relief FTX needs to get out of their financial troubles. Nevertheless, the approval from the judge is a positive step forward for FTX, and it is hoped that the sale of the assets will help them to put their financial troubles behind them.

Gain Exposure to Bitcoin with Grayscale: Discount Back to Pre-FTX Levels

• The Grayscale Bitcoin Trust has seen its value jump by 25% since the start of the year, while Bitcoin is only up 4%.
• This means that the discount to the underlying asset is at its smallest level in months, now back to where it was prior to the FTX collapse.
• The Grayscale Bitcoin Trust provides an avenue for investors to gain exposure to Bitcoin without physically buying Bitcoin, but it rarely trades at the same price as its net asset value.

The Grayscale Bitcoin Trust has been the largest Bitcoin fund in the world, providing investors with an avenue to gain exposure to Bitcoin without physically buying Bitcoin. This can be convenient for institutions or other entities who may not be able to participate in the Bitcoin market directly for regulatory or legal reasons. However, Grayscale has rarely traded at the same price as its net asset value.

This year has seen the Grayscale Bitcoin Trust’s value jump by 25%, while the underlying asset, Bitcoin, is only up 4%. This means that the discount to the underlying asset is at its smallest level in months. Prior to the ignominious collapse of FTX, the discount was back to where it was before the incident, at 37%.

In December, the discount had hit an all-time high of 50%. At the time, the divergence between the two assets was analysed in great detail. The cause of the discount was attributed to a number of factors, including a lack of demand, a lack of liquidity, and the fact that Grayscale was not allowed to buy more Bitcoin at the same rate as it was selling shares.

Despite the discounted rate, the Grayscale Bitcoin Trust is still an attractive option for institutional investors looking to gain exposure to Bitcoin without taking on the risks of buying the cryptocurrency directly. With the discount now back to its pre-FTX levels, it could be the ideal time to invest in Grayscale.

However, it is important to keep in mind that the Grayscale Bitcoin Trust is subject to market forces, just like any other asset. As such, the discount could easily rise again if the underlying Bitcoin loses value. It is also important to note that Grayscale has no control over the Bitcoin market, so any market movements will directly affect the value of the Grayscale Bitcoin Trust.

Overall, the Grayscale Bitcoin Trust provides investors with an attractive option for gaining exposure to Bitcoin without taking on the risks associated with buying the cryptocurrency directly. With the discount now back to its pre-FTX levels, it could be the ideal time to invest in Grayscale. However, investors should remember to assess the risks before investing and to keep an eye on the market in order to ensure that the discount remains low.

Silvergate Bank Plummets: Great Example of Everything Wrong With Crypto

• Jim Cramer discussed the failure of Silvergate on Mad Money, CNBC.
• Silvergate’s shares plummeted, losing more than 43% yesterday and 90% from their all-time high in November 2021.
• Cramer stated that Silvergate is a “great example of everything that’s wrong with this industry” due to the bank’s series of horrifying disclosures.

On Mad Money, CNBC, Jim Cramer discussed the failure of Silvergate, a pivotal part of the crypto ecosystem. Silvergate Bank was founded in 1988 as a savings and loan association and transformed into a bank in 1996 by Dennis Frank and Derek J. Eisele. At first, it was quite small with just three branches, however, it grew to become a major player in the crypto industry.

Yesterday, Silvergate’s shares plummeted, losing more than 43%, followed by another 2% today. They are now down by more than 90% from their all-time high in November 2021. According to the bank, the crypto industry’s breakdown caused a run on deposits, prompting it to fire 40% of its staff and sell assets at a major loss. Silvergate held deposits for FTX units and Alameda.

Cramer stated that stocks can always go lower and as long as they’re above zero, it’s fine. However, Silvergate is a pivotal part of the crypto ecosystem because it’s a „great example of everything that’s wrong with this industry.“ He went on to say that the bank made a series of horrifying disclosures, which caused the drastic fall in their share price. Cramer warned that if the market doesn’t address it, he fears the market cap will shrink to the point where they won’t be allowed to talk about it on air.

The failure of Silvergate serves as a reminder that the crypto industry is still in its infancy and is fraught with risks. Investors should always do their due diligence and research any investment before committing their hard-earned money.

BNB Price Struggles to Break $266 Resistance After FTX Collapse

• Binance coin (BNB/USD) has been bearish since the FTX collapse, trading at an upside of $255.
• The cryptocurrency faces resistance at $266, a crucial resistance level.
• Fears of a crypto exchange collapse were ignited by the FTX collapse, sending BNB tumbling to $220 by mid-Dec.

Binance coin (BNB/USD) has been bearish since the FTX collapse, trading on an upside of $255. The cryptocurrency has been suffering since the collapse of FTX, which ignited fears that no crypto exchange is too big to fail. Investors rushed to decentralised exchanges, which benefited from huge outflows from centralised peers. Binance, the world’s largest centralised crypto exchange, was among the culprits of the shift. This sent the native token BNB tumbling to $220 by mid-Dec. Further fears were heightened by Binance’s proof of reserves. An audit report raised questions showing that the exchange was not sufficiently collateralised.

At the moment, BNB is facing resistance at $266 after recent recoveries. On the daily chart, BNB is mildly bullish, however the MACD indicator is bearish. Bulls are yet to gain enough strength to push past the $266 resistance. A break above the resistance could propel BNB to the $280 level, while a break below could see the cryptocurrency slide back to the $220-$230 territory.

The outlook for BNB is still bearish, but recent recoveries have been promising. The cryptocurrency is poised to benefit from the ongoing DeFi boom, as more investors flock to the DeFi sector. BNB could also benefit from the upcoming launch of Binance Smart Chain and Binance Chain, two new blockchains that will be powered by BNB. As such, BNB is likely to remain volatile in the near future, with the potential for both bullish and bearish moves.

Kann keine Verbindung zu Overwatch herstellen

Häufige Probleme

Ich werde sofort unterbrochen, wenn ich mich in Overwatch einlogge
Ich erhalte die Fehlermeldung „Verbindung zum Spielserver verloren“, sobald ich mich einlogge
Overwatch bleibt in einer Schleife stecken, während ich mich in das Spiel einlogge

Bevor ihr die folgenden Schritte ausprobiert, solltet ihr den BlizzardCS-Twitter auf eventuelle Service-Unterbrechungen überprüfen.


Vergewissern Sie sich, dass Ihr Spiel auf dem neuesten Stand ist, indem Sie in der im Menü „Optionen“ die Option „Nach Updates suchen“ auswählen.
Vergewissern Sie sich, dass Sie in der im Dropdown-Menü Region/Account über der Schaltfläche Spielen die richtige Option ausgewählt haben.
Führen Sie das Reparaturtool aus, um alle beschädigten Spieldateien zu reparieren.
Setzen Sie Ihre Netzwerkgeräte zurück, um sicherzustellen, dass Ihr Router nicht mit Daten überflutet wurde.
Geben Sie Ihre IP frei und erneuern Sie Ihre DNS, um etwaige Netzwerkkonflikte zu beheben.
Überprüfen Sie Ihre Netzwerkkonfiguration, um Probleme mit Ihrer Firewall, Ihrem Router oder Ihren Porteinstellungen zu finden.
Wenn Sie eine drahtlose Verbindung verwenden, optimieren Sie Ihre Internetverbindung, um ein Verbindungsproblem auszuschließen.
Aktualisieren oder deinstallieren Sie vorübergehend alle Sicherheitsprogramme, die das Anmeldemodul möglicherweise fälschlicherweise als Sicherheitsbedrohung identifizieren.
Versuchen Sie, Hintergrundanwendungen zu schließen, um eventuelle Softwarekonflikte zu lösen.


Überprüfen Sie Ihre Netzwerkkonfiguration, um Probleme mit Ihrer Firewall, Ihrem Router oder Ihren Porteinstellungen zu finden.
Setzen Sie Ihre Netzwerkgeräte zurück, um sicherzustellen, dass Ihr Router nicht mit Daten überflutet wurde.
Führen Sie den integrierten Verbindungstest Ihrer Konsole durch (PlayStation 4) (Xbox One) (Nintendo Switch).
Verwenden Sie den Internetbrowser Ihrer Konsole, um einen Looking-Glass-Test durchzuführen. So können Sie feststellen, ob das Problem zwischen Ihrer Konsole und unseren Servern liegt.

Schon alles ausprobiert?
Wenn die oben genannten Schritte Ihr Problem nicht lösen konnten, besuchen Sie Foren für technischen Support oder wenden Sie sich an den Hersteller Ihrer Konsole, um weitere Unterstützung zu erhalten (Sony) (Microsoft) (Nintendo).

Arbeiten mit Verteilerlisten in Outlook

Sie können in Ihrem Outlook-Kontaktmodul eine Verteilerliste erstellen, die den Namen von mehr als einer Person enthält, wenn Sie eine Nachricht an mehrere Personen gleichzeitig senden möchten. Sie können Ihren Verteilerlisten auch Kategorien zuweisen (genau wie bei einzelnen Kontakten), und Sie können eine Verteilerliste als Anlage zu einer E-Mail-Nachricht an andere Personen senden, damit diese die gleiche Liste wie Sie verwenden können, wenn sie ebenfalls Outlook verwenden.

Erstellen einer Verteilerliste

Zum Erstellen einer Verteilerliste müssen Sie lediglich einen Namen für die Liste festlegen und aus der Sammlung der in Ihrem System gespeicherten Namen auswählen. In einer Verteilerliste werden keine Telefonnummern und Postanschriften gespeichert, sondern nur E-Mail-Adressen.

Um eine Verteilerliste in Ihrem Kontaktmodul zu erstellen, gehen Sie folgendermaßen vor:

1. Wählen Sie Datei -> Neu -> Verteilerliste (oder drücken Sie Strg+Shift+L).

Das Dialogfeld Verteilerliste wird angezeigt.

2. Geben Sie den Namen ein, den Sie Ihrer Verteilerliste zuweisen möchten.

Der von Ihnen eingegebene Name wird im Textfeld Name angezeigt.

3. Klicken Sie auf die Schaltfläche Mitglieder auswählen.

Das Dialogfeld Mitglieder auswählen wird angezeigt. Es enthält auf der linken Seite eine Liste der verfügbaren Namen und auf der rechten Seite ein leeres Feld.

4. Doppelklicken Sie auf den Namen jeder Person, die Sie zu Ihrer Verteilerliste hinzufügen möchten.

Jeder Name, auf den Sie doppelklicken, wird in der Spalte Zur Verteilerliste hinzufügen auf der rechten Seite des Dialogfelds angezeigt.

5. Wenn Sie mit der Auswahl der Namen fertig sind, klicken Sie auf OK.

Das Dialogfeld „Mitglieder auswählen“ wird geschlossen.

6. Klicken Sie auf Speichern und schließen (oder drücken Sie Alt+S).

Das Dialogfeld Verteilerliste wird geschlossen, und Ihre Verteilerliste wird in Ihrer Kontaktliste angezeigt.

Wenn Sie eine Verteilerliste erstellen, möchten Sie vielleicht auch die E-Mail-Adressen von Personen einbeziehen, die nicht in Ihrer Kontaktliste oder einem Ihrer anderen Outlook-Adressbücher enthalten sind. Um einen solchen Außenseiter zu Ihrer Verteilerliste hinzuzufügen, klicken Sie in Schritt 4 oben auf Neu hinzufügen (anstelle von Mitglieder auswählen). Geben Sie den Namen und die E-Mail-Adresse der Person, die Sie hinzufügen möchten, in das Dialogfeld Neue Mitglieder hinzufügen ein, klicken Sie auf OK, und führen Sie die restlichen Schritte genau so aus.

Bearbeiten einer Verteilerliste

In Verteilerlisten kommen und gehen Personen, so wie überall sonst auch. Glücklicherweise können Sie die Listen bearbeiten. Klicken Sie einfach auf das Symbol Kontakte im Navigationsbereich und doppelklicken Sie auf den Namen einer Ihrer Verteilerlisten (die Einträge, die ein kleines zweiköpfiges Symbol rechts neben ihrem Namen aufweisen). Wenn Sie einen Eintrag der Verteilerliste öffnen, sehen Sie denselben Bildschirm, den Sie beim ersten Erstellen der Liste gesehen haben. Hier haben Sie einige nützliche Optionen:

So entfernen Sie ein Mitglied aus der Liste: Klicken Sie auf diesen Namen und dann auf die Schaltfläche Entfernen.
Um ein neues Mitglied aus den Namen auszuwählen, die sich bereits in Ihrer Kontaktliste oder globalen Adressliste befinden: Klicken Sie auf Mitglieder auswählen und folgen Sie der gleichen Routine, die Sie beim Erstellen einer Liste verwenden.
So fügen Sie eine Person hinzu, deren E-Mail-Adresse nicht in einem Ihrer Adressbücher aufgeführt ist: Klicken Sie auf die Schaltfläche Neu hinzufügen, geben Sie den Namen und die E-Mail-Adresse der Person ein, und klicken Sie auf OK.

Verwenden einer Verteilerliste

Verteilerlisten werden als Elemente in Ihrer Kontaktliste zusammen mit den Namen der Personen angezeigt – Sie können also (wie Sie sich wahrscheinlich denken können) eine Verteilerliste verwenden, um eine E-Mail-Nachricht genauso zu adressieren, wie Sie es mit einem beliebigen Kontakt tun würden. Und so geht’s:

Sie können die Karte für eine Verteilerliste in Ihren Posteingang ziehen, um eine neue E-Mail-Nachricht an diese Liste zu erstellen.
Sie können den Namen der Verteilerliste in die Zeile An: einer E-Mail-Nachricht eingeben und auf die Schaltfläche Namen prüfen in der Symbolleiste klicken.
Wenn Outlook dem Namen im Feld An: eine Unterstreichung hinzufügt, wissen Sie, dass Ihre Nachricht an die Personen auf Ihrer Verteilerliste gehen wird.

Akcje giganta Funko do kolekcjonowania rosną po nabyciu aplikacji NFT Tokenwave

Wśród pierwszych spółek notowanych na giełdzie, które wskoczyły na modę NFT, nie będą ostatnimi

W lawinie akcji cenowej przypominającej manię z 2017 roku, wkrótce po ogłoszeniu, że nabyli platformę wyświetlającą i śledzącą Bitcoin Bank, akcje giganta kolekcjonerskiego popkultury Funko (NYSE: FNKO) wzrosły o ponad 20%.

W przeciwieństwie do wielu ogłaszających wzrost cen, które są pełne szumu i rzadkie treści z ostatniej rundy byków (i dziesiątek, które nieuchronnie nadejdą w ciągu najbliższych kilku miesięcy), Funko i NFT mogą jednak idealnie pasować

W czwartek twórca popularnej linii kolekcjonerskiej Funko Pops ogłosił w komunikacie prasowym , że nabył większościowy pakiet TokenWave, twórców aplikacji TokenHead NFT zbudowanej na łańcuchu blokowym WAX. W komunikacie zauważono, że inwestycja jest ich „początkowym wejściem na rynek NFT” i że firma będzie wypuszczać cyfrowe przedmioty kolekcjonerskie w cenie 9,99 USD począwszy od czerwca.

Ponadto firma pracuje nad fizyczno-cyfrowymi produktami hybrydowymi, takimi jak połączenie „najrzadszego z Funko NFT z ekskluzywnymi Funko Pop! S podlegającymi wykupowi”. Firma będzie również wykorzystywać swoje obszerne umowy licencyjne – coraz ważniejsze źródło trakcji platformy NFT .

Według wiadomości w czwartek, akcje spółki wzrosły aż o 24,81 USD, po czym wycofały się na popołudnie. Akcje FNKO zamknęły się ceną 20,96 USD za akcję, co oznacza wzrost o 6,5% w ciągu dnia i ponad 100% w ciągu roku.

Kiedy dotarł do niego Cointelegraph, przedstawiciel Funko odmówił komentarza

Ten ruch powinien być znany weteranom branży. Pod koniec ostatniej bullrunu wiele firm, takich jak Kodak, odnotowało ogromne wzrosty cen akcji po ogłoszeniach związanych z blockchain. Biorąc pod uwagę falę celebrytów z listy C i D, które chcą szybko zarobić na NFT, nieuniknione było, że firmy pójdą w ich ślady.

Jednak Funko może być wyjątkiem od reguły. NFT są idealnym narzędziem do gromadzenia danych , a cyfrowe przedmioty kolekcjonerskie zapewniają firmie nowy sposób łączenia fanów z markami, co oznacza, że firma może utrzymać się w przestrzeni blockchain. Podobnie platforma wybrana przez Funko, WAX, odniosła już pewne sukcesy z licencjonowanymi NFT, w tym z niedawnym wydaniem Godzilla vs. Kong .

Chainlink’s LINK Sets New All-Time High Above $ 20

The LINK token of the Chainlink project has just set a new all-time high above 20 dollars. Engaged in a phase of outperformance, the LINK is now catching up with the capitalization of Bitcoin Cash (BCH).

New ATH for Chainlink’s LINK

The LINK token of the Chainlink project has just reached new historical records. Within hours, the asset’s price shot up over 20% from $ 17.7 to over $ 21 , breaking its previous all-time high set at $ 20.

The new high for LINK is now set at $ 21.45 and its total capitalization of 8.25 billion is quickly approaching that of Bitcoin Cash at $ 9.25 billion.

Since its previous all time high , the LINK will have seen significant movements, its price having even returned to the border of $ 7 in the meantime.

In just 23 days, the LINK price rose by more than 165% , in a significant upward movement caused by the Bitcoin bull run (BTC) initiated at the end of 2020.

Analyst Vincent Ganne had notified in an article published in early January, the LINK was on the way to its historic records . The LINK thus entered a phase of outperformance vis-à-vis the BTC, after having forged a solid base at $ 10, the breakout of $ 13 indicated that the trend was not ready to stop .

The collaborations do not stop anymore

In addition to the technical aspect, the LINK benefits greatly from the fundamental advances of the Chainlink project. The supplier of price oracles remains the benchmark in its sector to this day.

Very recently, the stablecoin issuer Paxos has also partnered with Chainlink to use its oracles. Thanks to Chainlink’s infrastructure, Paxos wishes to develop the use of Paxos Standard (PAX) and Paxos Gold (PAXG) in the world of decentralized finance (DeFi).

It is difficult to list Chainlink’s collaborations with other companies as there are so many. The place that this project takes in the ecosystem is becoming more and more important every day , and is growing at a breakneck pace.

It is not so surprising that Chainlink is therefore riding this bull run of the markets . Now, the LINK is entering a price discovery phase , which means it has never explored the area above $ 20. So, he can still have some good surprises in store for us in the days to come, or retrace it down.

At the same time, other major projects are also experiencing colossal progress of this type. This is particularly the case of Polkadot and its DOT token , which impresses with its performance, the latter establishing a new ATH every day and having even exceeded Ripple’s XRP capitalization.

Portafogli per la privacy: Il loro ruolo crescente nel riciclaggio di denaro Bitcoin

I truffatori di Crypto ora usano i portafogli privati per le loro attività di riciclaggio di denaro sporco in Bitcoin
I portafogli sono stati utilizzati anche in due dei famosi hack contro la crittovaluta quest’anno
Elliptic, una società di analisi a catena di blocco con sede nel Regno Unito, nel suo recente rapporto ha dichiarato che c’è stato un aumento delle attività di riciclaggio di denaro che coinvolgono Bitcoin rispetto al passato.

L’analista della blockchain ha riferito che è cambiata anche la modalità operativa abituale per lo svolgimento delle attività di riciclaggio. Il rapporto ha notato che il metodo precedente era l’uso di miscelatori Bitcoin che è stato gradualmente eliminato per i portafogli privacy.

Analisi delle tendenze BTC/USDT: Aumenta a $19500 in avanti, analista
Gli agricoltori indiani dovrebbero innovare con Bitcoin per combattere gli effetti delle riforme del governo
Previsione del prezzo Bitcoin – Weekend scintille impulso rialzista come prezzo detiene $18.600
Adozione istituzionale: Il gigante assicurativo americano compra 100 milioni di dollari di Bitcoin

I miscelatori Bitcoin sono randomizzatori di monete. Di solito fanno in modo che il valore del Bitcoin scambiato tra un mittente e un destinatario sia molto diverso. Alla fine di tali transazioni, i miscelatori rendono estremamente difficile risalire al portafoglio che ha dato inizio alla transazione.

Tuttavia, i mixer hanno una litania di problemi e un numero crescente di regolatori è stato in grado di ridurre la loro influenza. I truffatori di crypto hanno cercato un’alternativa che è l’uso di portafogli per la privacy.

Per compiere questi atti, i portafogli Bitcoin appartenenti a privati invece di scambi sono combinati con la rete di anonimato di Tor. In questo modo i portafogli possono essere utilizzati per effettuare transazioni CoinJoin.

Una transazione CoinJoin è quando viene creata una transazione BTC multi-parte e la fonte originale è anch’essa mista, rendendo così difficile la tracciabilità di tali transazioni. Questa forma di transazioni è diventata sempre più popolare tra i riciclatori di denaro negli ultimi tempi.

Attualmente rappresentano il 13% di ciò che viene utilizzato per svolgere le attività di frode.

I Portafogli Privacy sono stati coinvolti nei più famosi hacker criptati dell’anno
L’industria dei crittografi è stata testimone di molti attacchi quest’anno, ma i portafogli per la privacy sono stati utilizzati in alcune delle ben note frodi crittografiche perpetuate con Bitcoin.

Il rapporto affermava che i portafogli privacy sono stati utilizzati nel famoso hackeraggio di Twitter, dove agli account di Twitter con grandi seguaci è stato chiesto di fare donazioni in un certo portafoglio Bitcoin.

L’altro uso del portafoglio è stato durante l’attacco a KuCoin. In questo attacco, oltre 200 milioni di dollari di Bitcoin sono stati tolti dallo scambio.